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Countrywoods Golden D Shonie aka: Shonie

SIRE: CH Countrywoods Sidekick Select
DAM: CJRs Crown Jewels

COLOR/MARKINGS: Blue C/W AS-19277G117F-PI DL54062101
SEX: Female DOB: 06/10/1994

~ Fondly known as my "Jumping Bean", Shonie is quite the escape artist ........ which is really a tribute to her intelligence.
Shonie is a thinker, and can pretty much figure her way out of any confinement. If thinking fails, then 6-feet is only a short hop away! Shonie was returned after her owners had a severe illness in the family, she also had a paw injury, from a horse, which has kept her from the show ring ...... but nothing else in life.
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