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Countrywoods Full of Grace AKA: Gracie

SIRE: CH Tailored By Carousel
DAM: CJRs Pretty As A Picture

COLOR/MARKINGS: Red Merle C/W E61414 DL50696002
SEX: Female DOB: 01/20/1992

~ Gracie was my “miracle” puppy. She was in a litter terribly stricken with Parvo. I only lost a couple to the disease, but Gracie was the worst affected. She went 9 days without food or water, and had developed an abscess from one of the sites where I was injecting water under her skin, which brought more illness. I had received a new grooming table for Christmas that year, and its first use was to hang the ringers lactate bottle from the arm to re-hydrate her. She survived & I knew she would never leave here.