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Countrywoods A Lil More O' Less AKA: Less

SIRE: CH Countrywoods Colored Tymbrs
DAM: CH Countrywoods Crown Select

COLOR/MARKINGS: Blue Merle C/W AS18500G57M-PI E101482
SEX: Male DOB: 10/04/1998

~ Less is a reincarnation of his double Grandpa Lester, aka: CH Countrywoods Sidekick Select!
My old "Lester" dog had recently died, when this pup was born bearing an uncanny resemblance to him. Not only did he look a lot like him, but as he grew up; he acted EXACTLY like him!
He even does some of the same annoying little things, along with many of the familiar mannerisms of the old Les. So, how could I not just be glad to have A Lil Mor O Less!
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