About Our Pups

My job as the breeder, is to prepare our puppies for their lifelong journey, as a beloved pet.
Your job, as the owner, is to love, nurture, and to continue your pup on the path of that journey.

The Aussie mind needs to be educated. They are easily trained, responding best to a kind hand, with gentle firmness.
Countrywoods Puppies are well socialized, and usually come into their new homes, knowing a couple of cute tricks and, how to sit on command.

They are well adapted to crating and car travel. During their time with me as youngsters, they will have seen, and experienced, all manner of things, and will come to your home ready to commence your socialization and training.

With the background of my preparation, along with your active training & socialization, a Countrywoods Puppy will serve as your friend & protector for many years to come.
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I take pride in my genetics, and make every effort to produce quality pups, that conform to, or exceed the standards of the breed possessing the same natural intelligence, temperament, agility, and willingness to please as their parents.

I like to work with the pups extensively as they grow and develop; so whelping generally takes place during the spring and fall months, but not always :)

On occasion there will be pups available at other times of the year. Check the website regularly to see what is available, I will often have access to litters sired by one of my boys to choose from.

Our Guarantee

► I guarantee all my dogs to be healthy at the time of sale, and to remain free of any incurable genetic defects (other than senile cataracts) for the life of the dog.
I believe that a breeder should stand behind all dogs they have sold, including family pets, when it comes to health issues.

► Longevity........I am pleased to say that I have had many letters, and much contact, from people who own Countrywoods Aussies, attesting to the fact that, my dogs grow into wonderful adults.

I take great pride in the fact that, so many people, other than myself, comment on how great it is to share life with a healthy, grand "old dog."
We have been most fortunate that most of our dogs have reached the ripe old age of 14-years quite easily, some even older.
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